APFC Panel

AUTOMATIC POWER FACTOR CONTROLLING/CORRECTION PANELS mainly used in industries to maintain power factor, the angle between voltage & current and harmonic levels.

This is very important for industries to prevent high loses and extra penalty.  We have complete in-house facility to manufacture APFC panel up-to 1000KVA, APFC Panels are manufacture by 14/16SWG CRCA duly seven tank powder coated process, and we have in-house design and development system for improvement of quality and productivity.

We provide enough space for incoming and outgoing cable termination, all hardware nut bolts and washer used in the panels are duly zinc plated process by in-house facility.

The design of the APFC panel are robust and rigidly constructed to suit wide range of industries and buildings, the supporting structure/frame work are made from 3.0/5.0mm thickness steel section, the doors cover, partitions and panel are fabricated with CNC machines, other high quality hydraulic machine, based on degree of protection such as IP-42, IP-54 or higher degree of protection can be manufactured on request.

We have a large experience in power factor solutions, we have resolved many major problems in various kind of industries


  1. Thyrister based
  2. Normal contactor/capacitor based
  3. 7% detuned reactor
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